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Sharing Is Caring

We hope you like our cheesy title for this post, but you know it’s true. People like those who share way more than those who don’t share. If you missed our last blog post and want to know more about us have a gander.

sharing phone

With our program, you can share and stream TV onto multiple devices, even if you pay for just one plan! We allow so many hours per month per account for device sharing. No other TV company offers this type of sharing package plan.

Many businesses purchase our business premium plan. This allows TV and on demand features to be streamed to over fifteen devices. What better way to treat your employees than to provide them with free TV services. We have several businesses and organizations that pay monthly for our fantastic premium package. Quick thanks to Tree Service Spokane for being are longest and most loyal premium customer.

Of course you don’t want to allow this technology to slow productivity. We provide the head user ability to monitor and lock devices at any time. Many businesses use our services as simply a portion of their benefit package. That way employees are only tuning into their mobile devices and computers to watch TV in their free time.

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Way More Afordable

more affordableToday, it is all about getting the most bang for your buck. Well, with cable and satellite TV services, people hardly get any bang for their buck at all. The required contracts and month to month pay plans can be a vacuum to one’s bank account.

Use Your PC To Watch TV is three times as affordable as the average TV service. We have several different plans depending on how many devices one wants to have TV access to (for more information regarding packages and their prices please email us at

With us, you are able to pay monthly, or pay for 6-12 months worth of our services in advance. We have require no contracts and you can opt out of your payments at anytime as long as you don’t owe money to us.

There are so many expenses in day to day life, why not cut one of them and get the same quality of service? It makes perfect sense. To just get a feel for how expensive some TV companies can be, if you don’t already know take a look at Direct TV. It will cost you a fortune. Get just as many channels, with more on demand features and higher quality TV for a third of the price.

Remember, you don’t only have to watch on your computer or mobile device. That is just what sets us apart from the rest. You can also watch on any flat screen TV. It is simply the best of both worlds! Once you have paid for a device to acquire our services, you have up to 10 days to call and switch to another device. After that, the package you purchased will be set to the specific device you installed it on.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm. We are not the norm.  We are much better. We are higher quality and more affordable. Sounds like a no brainer to contact us today!

Never Miss Your Show Again

In today’s world, people are so much busier than they used to be. Not as much time at home and much more being out and about. With Use Your PC To Watch TV you never have to miss a show because of business again!

mobile tv

We are one of the most popular mobile TV services on the East Coast. By using our program, you can watch on your computer, tablet or smart phone. If you are sitting mindlessly at a sporting event, sitting in the car waiting to pick up kids, or just bored at work, Use Your PC To Watch TV is perfect for you!

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Our All Time Favorite Show!

Well, since we are a company that pretty much talks about TV all day, we know just about every show out there that airs. Our staff has a lot of favorite shows, but the one that was the overall favorite after taking a vote was How I Met Your Mother.

If you haven’t watched the show before here is a great scene to give you a sneak peak.

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic show to watch on your PC. The episodes are quick, entertaining, hilarious and they get you hooked. The storyline is very addicted and gets just about everyone who watches very emotionally invested.

Just to give you a rundown, Ted Mosby is the main character and the show is based on him telling his children how he met there mother. The ending is quite something. So it is not a show you want to begin and not finish. If you are going to start, you have to commit. And what a better way to commit than to get one of our packages and start watching the show on your computer or mobile device!

There are lots of shows that can be viewed from a PC, tablet or mobile device, but this one is our staff’s overall all favorite. If you buy one of our packages, this will have to be a show you start watching immediately. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Why Watch On The PC!

Times are always changing. People can choose to embrace change or fight it. Today, more people are choosing to purchase or additionally purchase TV packages for their computers and mobile devices. There are so many reasons as to why you should do the same! Here are a few:

tv on computer

1. You Can Watch On The Go. With Use Your PC To Watch TV you can watch the shows and games you love where ever you go as long as you have internet access or a data plan. Wherever you go, your TV goes!

2. Stream Or Connect To Any Screen. Once you have purchased a plan, you can stream your computer or mobile device to any larger screen while you are at home with bluetooth or by using an HDMI chord. You’d never tell the difference between doing it the normal boring way vs our way other than the fact that it is extremely more affordable.

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