Why Watch On The PC!

Times are always changing. People can choose to embrace change or fight it. Today, more people are choosing to purchase or additionally purchase TV packages for their computers and mobile devices. There are so many reasons as to why you should do the same! Here are a few:

tv on computer

1. You Can Watch On The Go. With Use Your PC To Watch TV you can watch the shows and games you love where ever you go as long as you have internet access or a data plan. Wherever you go, your TV goes!

2. Stream Or Connect To Any Screen. Once you have purchased a plan, you can stream your computer or mobile device to any larger screen while you are at home with bluetooth or by using an HDMI chord. You’d never tell the difference between doing it the normal boring way vs our way other than the fact that it is extremely more affordable.

3. Share Your Favorite Shows. By watching TV on your computer, we allow you to share your favorite shows and/or opinions regarding what you watched with other users. Pretty spectacular feature huh!

4. High Definition. We only offer 1080 or above viewing quality. It comes with the package plan so you do not have to pay extra like a lot of the cable and satellite companies make you.

5. More Options, Lower Cost. Our “basic” plan includes as many if not more channels than what Dish, Direct TV and Comcast include in their intermediate plans. We like to give our customers the best deals out there.

These are just a few of the reasons why watching TV on your computer is becoming a trending concept. It is easy, affordable, mobile and extremely enjoyable. Don’t overlook what we have to offer! Email us today at help@useyourpctowatchtv.com.