Our All Time Favorite Show!

Well, since we are a company that pretty much talks about TV all day, we know just about every show out there that airs. Our staff has a lot of favorite shows, but the one that was the overall favorite after taking a vote was How I Met Your Mother.

If you haven’t watched the show before here is a great scene to give you a sneak peak.

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic show to watch on your PC. The episodes are quick, entertaining, hilarious and they get you hooked. The storyline is very addicted and gets just about everyone who watches very emotionally invested.

Just to give you a rundown, Ted Mosby is the main character and the show is based on him telling his children how he met there mother. The ending is quite something. So it is not a show you want to begin and not finish. If you are going to start, you have to commit. And what a better way to commit than to get one of our packages and start watching the show on your computer or mobile device!

There are lots of shows that can be viewed from a PC, tablet or mobile device, but this one isĀ our staff’s overall all favorite. If you buy one of our packages, this will have to be a show you start watching immediately. Trust us, you won’t regret it.