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Football Can Grow Your Business

football can grow your biz

As many of you Americans know football season has begun. For many of us, fall is not complete without football. Whether you are a college football fan, NFL football fan or both you are going to want to take advantage of our inexpensive services and packages this season! If you are wondering exactly what we do and what we provide take a look at our about page. As you will see, what sets us apart is our mobile TV aspect and our affordability. With us, you can watch your favorite channels anywhere you go. If your favorites are NBC, ABC, Fox, ESPN and other channels that air football games then you are our type of people.

By this point, you are probably wondering how our title relates to this post… well you are about to find out! Our company originated in San Antonio and many of you know how big football is down here in the state of Texas. A good friend of ours who is the owner of San Antonio Rain Gutters has used our services for years as a perk for his employees, many of which are huge football fans (he is a huge football fan himself). Shane pays for our business premium package in order to provide his staff with mobile TV viewing capabilities, for when they aren’t at work of course. This has been a great investment for his company because his staff feels valued by him. He has told us that his employees are always conveying to him how fantastic they think it is that they never have to miss their favorite teams play since they can watch on their computer or any mobile device wherever they are. It also gives the company something to talk about and bond over before they get to working hard.

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Game Out!

What is up TV people! Before we dive into what we have for you today, have you guys been watching America’s Got Talent this summer? It is one of the only live airing shows on right now and man is it good. If you haven’t we highly recommend you tune in for the end of the season and for the final acts here games

Anyways, if you have missed some of our previous blog posts and want to know what we are about check out one of our posts here. So, with all that said did you know that our software allows you to even game on your computer or on any device or TV for that matter. How sweet would it be to bring your computer or tablet on the rode and bring your console and just game out? We think it is pretty awesome. Our systems allow you to plug your hdmi chord into a port into your computer screen. Yes, you can already get adapters to do this, but the gameplay never runs smoothly. With us, it does. Video games will now play just as well on your computer screen as they will on your TV.

If you are a true gamer you will not miss out on this opportunity! In the car or on the plane, you are always thinking, man I wish I could play something other than dinky little games on my Iphone. Well now you can. And don’t even give us the excuse saying you need electricity. Do you know how many adapters there are that can allow you to have access to electricity in a car or plane? You can buy one of those from us as well if you need.

Email us today at today for more info! We appreciate you all reading this. Have an awesome rest of your week and game hard this upcoming weekend!

Our All Time Favorite Show!

Well, since we are a company that pretty much talks about TV all day, we know just about every show out there that airs. Our staff has a lot of favorite shows, but the one that was the overall favorite after taking a vote was How I Met Your Mother.

If you haven’t watched the show before here is a great scene to give you a sneak peak.

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic show to watch on your PC. The episodes are quick, entertaining, hilarious and they get you hooked. The storyline is very addicted and gets just about everyone who watches very emotionally invested.

Just to give you a rundown, Ted Mosby is the main character and the show is based on him telling his children how he met there mother. The ending is quite something. So it is not a show you want to begin and not finish. If you are going to start, you have to commit. And what a better way to commit than to get one of our packages and start watching the show on your computer or mobile device!

There are lots of shows that can be viewed from a PC, tablet or mobile device, but this one is our staff’s overall all favorite. If you buy one of our packages, this will have to be a show you start watching immediately. Trust us, you won’t regret it.